Knowing how important it is to use royalty free music on your website and slideshows, we are excited to share with you our "Love Stories" collection of songs from Triple Scoop Music. You can listen to them on Triple Scoop Music's website.

Bob and I spent hours, with the help of our Operations Manager, Michele, searching through thousands of songs. It was incredibly hard to select just 10 for our favorites, because we loved so many. We wanted the songs to be a refection of our style and fit perfectly with our photographic work and match our client's style as well. Here is a list of our favorite songs. Head on over to Triple Scoop Music to hear them. They are amazing!

Bob and Dawn Davis Signature Collection 2011 Engagements & Weddings:

01. Anything For You by Fisher (3:48) – An easy, breezy devotional.
02. All The Way by Roy Ashen (3:32) – Funky, fun, clever & energetic.
03. Revival by Fisher (3:38) – Angelic & sensual vocals with a deep & mesmerizing groove.
04. You And Me by Melissa Lewis (4:47) – Warm, rockin' & optimistic.
05. Love Emergency by Zach Romanoff (3:02) – A sexy, party pumping dance cut.
06. Outline The Skies by Illesha (3:42) – Atmospheric with gorgeous ethereal vocals.
07. Words (Instrumental) by Fisher (3:48) – Poignant & haunting.
08. You Take My Breath Away by Darius Lux (3:08) – A soulful & rockin' confessional.
09. What's A Girl To Do by Catherine Porter ( 3:47) – Sweet, fresh & hopeful.
10. Oxygen (Instrumental) by Stephanie Schneiderman (3:20) – A rhythmic & arousing groove.